The copywriting process isn’t simple. It involves careful preparation and strategic thinking.

I’ll start by asking lots of questions. Who are your customers? What motivates them? Where do you sit in the market? What’s your USP?

I’ll gather as much information as possible to get a thorough understanding of what you do. I’ll then consider which type of language will resonate with your target audience.

It’s important to express your USP in the most compelling way possible. Part of this involves creating a clear and distinctive tone of voice that fits your brand.

Alternatively, if your brand is already well established, we’ll discuss how to maintain consistency and perhaps even develop your tone if appropriate.

Once I have a full understanding of your requirements, I’ll quote a flat fee to complete the job. Unless the brief changes, or additional information is provided later on, this will be the final figure you pay.

I’ll send you my initial draft when it’s ready. You’ll have the chance to review this copy, reflect, and ask me to make a set of amends without additional charge.

Once you’re happy I’ll send you an invoice – although I may request a deposit for larger projects when the copywriting process is longer and more time consuming.


“James understands business and took the time to understand ours. Highly recommended!”

Matt Sherlock, The London Property Scout