Letters, Emails, Direct Mail Copywriting

Having worked as a copywriter at a top five DM agency, I know how expert direct mail copywriting can boost your bottom line.

Whether you’re trying to generate new customers, retain loyal ones, or up-sell products or services to an existing customer base, I’ll find a tone of voice that resonates with your target audience.

I have vast experience writing sales letters, emails, mail-packs, and leaflets. I’ll get your message across in a compelling and effective manner, and ensure all calls to action are in prime position to generate a response.

Letter headlines and email titles need to be succinct and convey a benefit. The subsequent copy must substantiate the claim, provide supporting evidence, and provide further information to reassure and ultimately convert the reader.

The structure is all important too and must lead naturally to a compelling call to action. It’s important to get this hierarchy of messages right before writing begins.

Because I work with a local art director, and have connections with a media agency, I can offer the whole direct mail package from targeting to production. However, I’m just as comfortable working with other people in a pure direct mail copywriting role.

For more information don’t hesitate to call me on 01892 576786 or email james@writefit.co.uk

Direct mail copywriting samples