Tone Of Voice Copywriting

A tone of voice copywriter should play a vital role in the promotion and development of your brand. Words are just as important as images.

Copywriting input is vital when creating new company names and straplines. A robust identity that implies a benefit is always preferable, especially if you don’t have the vast budget required to take ownership of an abstract word like ‘Orange’.

Straplines should also suggest a benefit as well as underline what a company does. A line that positions a business in a creative and memorable way can be an invaluable asset that lasts for decades.

The way companies communicate with customers is key. The tone of voice must resonate with your audience, show empathy, and remain consistent across the marketing mix. Getting this ‘tone of voice’ right is a must so always consult a professional copywriter.

I can help you with all the above. Whether you want a quirky brand that’s a little leftfield or something more distinguished than oozes professionalism, I’ll help you develop a memorable brand that outshines your competitors.

I frequently work with an experienced art director so we can create and police every aspect of your corporate identity. This includes creating a logo, composing a copy guide, or writing broader brand guidelines.


“James is professional, easy to work with, and his copy was just what we wanted”.

Paul Chapman, iPixel Advertising