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Good copywriting is good copywriting whether it’s in print or online. But your web copywriter needs to be particularly good at writing clear and succinct copy.

This is because people tend to skim read online content. Text needs to be concise so readers can digest the main selling points at a glance.

Sentences and paragraphs should be short and snappy to make life easy. And line breaks also require careful thought. When used carefully they can guide  a reader through the copy.

Search engine optimisation is another important consideration. Although some clients expect ‘keywords’ in every sentence (irrespective of how the copy flows) this is a mistake.

Copy should be written for people not Google’s algorithms. In fact, search engines now prefer well written content that’s shareable and provides useful information.

Your web copywriter should still use keywords, of course, but these should be added skilfully and naturally into sentences.

Take this page as an example. The keywords are ‘copywriting’ and ‘web copywriter’.

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I’ve written websites for a diverse range of clients in all kinds of sectors. It’s always best to hire a specialist – someone who knows that less is usually more in a digital environment. A few carefully chosen words can work wonders.

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