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Law Copywriting

This simple but effective press ad for Cripps Law emphasised the firm's award-winning approach: listening to customers' individual needs and then adapting their services accordingly. I have a wealth of law copywriting experience having written


Health Blogging

This ghost written article for Human Cell Integrity offers useful tips on relaxation. It offers helpful advice, adopts a conversational style, and underpins the company's brand. I helped this company with health blogging on a


Cycling Copywriting

Havebike supply and maintain cycle fleets across London. Their clients include the Metropolitan Police, St John Ambulance, and the Santander 'Boris' Bikes. This cycling copywriting project needed to engage both businesses and individuals simultaneously; therefore


Food Copywriting

I have completed a number of food copywriting projects over the years for a number of clients including The Unique Seafood company, the Salon Culinaire in Guernsey, and The Royal China chain of restaurants in


Legal Copywriting

This press ad for Cripps Law conveyed the essence of their new brand: a professional and attentive service that's tailored to an individual's specific needs, no matter how unusual their requirements. I have completed a