Law Copywriting


This simple but effective press ad for Cripps Law emphasised the firm's award-winning approach: listening to customers' individual needs and then adapting their services accordingly. I have a wealth of law copywriting experience having written over fifty service web pages for the company.

Legal Copywriting


This press ad for Cripps Law conveyed the essence of their new brand: a professional and attentive service that's tailored to an individual's specific needs, no matter how unusual their requirements. I have completed a number of legal copywriting projects for this client.  

Healthcare Copywriting


A simple healthcare copywriting project for the Department of Health. This press advert asks ex-pats living in Spain to stop using their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) because it's only for tourists. The work was commissioned by the British Consulate in Alicante.

ISA Copywriting


A press advert for investment company Nutmeg. Because they were new at the time (and had no track record) the USP was how easy the company made the investment process. I have plenty of ISA copywriting experience having also worked for Fidelity Investments in the past.

Holiday Copywriting


These tube cards promoted the beautiful Islands of Guernsey (where I started my career). They targeted busy professionals commuting on packed London trains. I have also completed several holiday copywriting projects for Stena Line and The Caravan Club.