Estate Agent Copywriting


This brochure for Huddersfield Sales and Lettings conveys the benefits of being a landlord. The copywriting explains a landlord's responsibilities and offers some helpful advice. The tone of voice I developed for this client is warm, simple, and personable. It positions the estate agent as friendly local experts who do more to help than national

Food Copywriting


I have completed a number of food copywriting projects over the years for a number of clients including The Unique Seafood company, the Salon Culinaire in Guernsey, and The Royal China chain of restaurants in London. This small brochure for European Premier Foods targeted the Nigerian market, where salmon is a highly desirable dish. The

Seafood Copywriting


Next time you visit your local chippy, ask them who supplies their fresh fish. It's probably the Unique Seafood Company, a Scandinavian firm that also supplies major supermarkets. This seafood copywriting project involved writing a brochure to support their 'Unique Service, Unique Control' slogan.

Investment Copywriting


This brochure for Fidelity emphasised their ability to identify good investment opportunities in testing economic times. The concept is a tried and trusted analogy with a twist. I possess plenty of investment copywriting experience having worked for Fidelity, Nutmeg, and LV= in the past.