Restaurant Copywriting


The Royal China restaurants are perhaps the best known oriental eateries in London. This job required SEO optimised copy that included keywords and phrases such as 'Chinese restaurant in London' and 'oriental dining room'. I enjoy working in the food and drinks sector so this restaurant copywriting brief was a fun one.

Telecoms Copywriting


True Telecom were one of the sector's fastest growing companies in 2017. This telecoms copywriting project involved research, developing a tone of voice, and then writing copy for their new website. The style is friendly, confident, and caring. The design was handled by Nemiah Ltd. I have a wealth of telecoms copywriting experience having also

Vitamin Copywriting


Human Cell Integrity launched Reboot, a premium nutritional supplement, to challenge at the top of the health market. I  developed a positive and empowering tone of voice for their new website. I have plenty of experience in the health supplement industry having previously worked on projects for Healthspan in the Channel Islands.

Cycling Copywriting


Havebike supply and maintain cycle fleets across London. Their clients include the Metropolitan Police, St John Ambulance, and the Santander 'Boris' Bikes. This cycling copywriting project needed to engage both businesses and individuals simultaneously; therefore I struck a balance between the corporate and the conversational.

Legal Sector Copywriting


The rebranding of Cripps (now Cripps Pemberton Greenish) was a major legal sector copywriting project that involved collaboration with other branding professionals. I wrote over seventy service pages for Cripps's new website. The pages I've included here are a representative sample to convey the firm's relaxed but professional tone of voice.

Furniture Copywriting


DecoPulse was a European company that sold top-end furniture created by some of the world's most famous designers. This furniture copywriting project established the tone of voice for their launch. The style is enthusiastic, conversational, and conveys a sense of style. The final website was developed to a higher spec than the visuals here.