Fulfilment Blog Copywriting


Menzies Response are a leading full service logistics company based in Ashford. I've written a number of blog articles for their company website which they use to promote their brand on social media. I've included three such blog copywriting samples here. Thus far the response to these articles has been fantastic: they trebled the company's

Health Blogging


This ghost written article for Human Cell Integrity offers useful tips on relaxation. It offers helpful advice, adopts a conversational style, and underpins the company's brand. I helped this company with health blogging on a number of occasions.

Sports Blog Writing


One of several articles written for the 888 Sport Blog (part of the 888.com website). I really enjoy sports blog writing and have worked as a freelance writer for several brands including Betfair and Victor Chandler. I also edit The Full Toss which is one of the UK's longest serving cricket blogs.