Here’s my online portfolio. Click on project and it will open in a new window.


Telecoms Copywriting

True Telecom are one of the UK's fastest growing telecoms companies. This project involved research, developing a tone of voice, and then writing the copy for their new website. The style is friendly, confident and caring.


Legal Blogging

This ghost written article for the Executor Help blog analyses a high-profile legal tussle and positions the company as experts in the area. The tone is authoritative but friendly and the selling message is subtle.


Cycle Copywriting

Havebike supply and maintain cycle fleets across London. Their clients include the Metropolitan Police, St John Ambulance, and the Santander 'Boris' Bikes. The copy needed to engage both businesses and individuals simultaneously; therefore I struck a balance between


Food Copywriting

This small brochure for European Premier Foods targeted the Nigerian market, where salmon is a highly desirable dish. The copy targeted supermarkets and restaurant owners. The language conveys a sense of luxury without being overly sophisticated.  


Lawyer Copywriting

The rebranding of Cripps (previously Cripps Harries Hall) was a major undertaking. I wrote over seventy service pages for their new website. The examples here are a representative sample that convey the firm's relaxed professionalism.