Tenders & White Paper Copywriting

A growing number of clients approach me about tenders, business reports, and white paper copywriting. These documents are extremely important so presentation is key. The language must be concise, clear, and professional to make the best impression.

I can help my clients in everything they do. Tenders and reports are rarely creative exercises but they’re still an opportunity to convey your company’s personality and suggest what working with you might be like. Writing tenders and reports in your brand’s tone of voice can therefore give you an advantage.

White paper copywriting is becoming an increasingly popular service as inbound marketing techniques grow. These long copy documents explore a subject in detail, identify a problem, and then explain how a particular company offers a solution. The tone and approach is more academic than a corporate brochure and there’s a greater emphasis on evidence-based selling.

The language in white papers must be authoritative but also personable and engaging. The structure of the document must flow logically from the introduction to the call to action.

Hiring a professional copywriter to help you is therefore prudent, particularly if he or she is already familiar with your company, the subject area, the marketplace, and your customers.

Communicating clearly is increasingly important in all aspects of business. I can help you do that.

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