Brochure Copywriting

Some people are daunted by the prospect of writing lengthy brochures. The bigger the task, the more that can go wrong. Finding professional brochure copywriting help is therefore essential.

I make short work of longer projects and always keep copy customer focused. I’ve written brochures for some of the UK’s biggest companies and also helped small businesses too. The principles are the same: clear, concise copy that reflects a company’s personality and values.

Whether you want long copy for a voluminous brochure, or just a few paragraphs that really encapsulate your identity, I’ve got the brochure copywriting experience you need.

The key is to remember who you’re writing for: customers not employees or your board. A brochure should have gravitas, of course, but it should never become self-indulgent. Only information that customers need to know should be included. And the focus should always be on benefits and ‘reasons to buy’ rather than a lengthy account of your company’s history.

The tone of brochure copywriting is key. It should be warm, authoritative and professional but never celebratory. Nobody wants to hear how great you think your company is; customers only want to know what you can do for them.

The standard of writing in your brochures speaks volumes. With a top notch copywriter on board you’ll get it absolutely right.

I can either polish existing copy or manage the whole process from start to finish. I can gather information, interview staff and clients, and create an appropriate structure that promotes your products, services, and values in the most effective way possible.

Brochure copywriting samples