Law Direct Mail


This mailer for Cripps, a leading law firm in Kent and London, was sent to local businesses near their new Kings Hill office. The campaign aimed to increase local awareness of the firm whilst promoting Cripps' considerable legal expertise.

Technology Copywriting


SpeakIntelligence are a Dutch company revolutionising the telecoms industry via new automated services. I've written a number of blog articles for the company plus the white paper featured here working alongside the Radial Path inbound marketing agency in Newcastle.

Telecoms Copywriting


True Telecom are one of the UK's fastest growing telecoms companies. This project involved research, developing a tone of voice, and then writing the copy for their new website. The style is friendly, confident and caring. Theses pages are just a sample. Click here to see the original full 24 pages True Telecom Web Copy PDF. The

Cycle Copywriting


Havebike supply and maintain cycle fleets across London. Their clients include the Metropolitan Police, St John Ambulance, and the Santander 'Boris' Bikes. The copy needed to engage both businesses and individuals simultaneously; therefore I struck a balance between the corporate and the conversational.